JSX – Superior Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors,Axial

JSX – Test Reviews

JSX is clean and clear with rich details, wide and open up presentation, flatter sound stage.

It’s a very high quality and for sure a good choice for a competitive price.

jb Capacitors has surprised me with excellent capacitors! They are not expensive, small sized and good sounding.

They beat most of even more expensive capacitors. Well done!

—-Mr. Alexander Dittmar from Germany


JSX white is very open on highest treble which I liked; the top end was very delicate which is good comparing the price;

it also gives very strong upper midrange which may cause the sound a bit too bright.

I’d say they are in the mid-class and your prices are fair considering the quality.

 —-Mr. Peter from Poland.


Immediately on first listen I could hear that the bass was bloated and the soundstage was closed in but the treble was a bit sweeter. I let the DAC continue to play for 50 hours after which the bass improved dramatically. It sounded like an extra octave lower was added. I chose the JSX because of the small size. Compared with large and expensive Mundorf and similar grade caps, it is an easy choice. Very high price/performace ratio with the JSX.
I am very satisfied with the performance of the JSX. Thanks for a great product!

 —-Mr. HF Choi from England


The jb Capacitors JSX Superior is similar in character to the old black JSX type but now has added clarity making them a little more open sounding. This works especially well on recordings of jazz-trio’s or other small ensembles making it easier to pick out the details. The Clarity Cap SA and ESA will give you more image depth and richer harmonic overtones and the Mundorf EVO Oil will give you sharper leading edges to notes but it must be stated that those capacitors are in a higher price bracket. It is just to give you an idea in what sound quality range we are looking at here.


Personally I actually prefer the JFX Premium in being a tad more expressive and coherent but I could imagine the JSX Superior to work well if you are looking for a more clean presentation.

Mr. Tony Gee from Netherlands


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