JFX – Premium Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors, Axial

JFX – Test Reviews

I am writing to let you know that I have tested the performance of capacitors. The JFX series have surprised me. I want to congratulate JB for the good work. I’ve installed on hifi otl tube amps and hifi otl tube radio and the sound has improved a lot. As soon as my economy allows me, I hope to make a new order.

Mr. Israel from Spain


Your capacitors have been used in the passive filters. At high frequencies, they are very well expressed. Also compare with other capacitors. Very similar was the result of tests with some other samples. Your capacitors are superior to some well known brands, very clean, transparent top.
Mr. Edward from Russia


The quality of your capacitors is VERY GOOD.I am trying to get all of these small parts (JFX 250pF to 0.1uF) from one supplier as it will simplify my purchasing. I am very happy to find a quality company like yours. I have other suppliers that I have tried, but none can make your quality, so I am relying on you.

—Doug Weisbrod from USA


Let me first say congratulations on shaking up the “boutique” cap world with your JFX offering. I’ve specified some of your caps in my latest project, a 50W Class AB amp called Fetzilla. I feel that the JFX is a solid performer in either direction used(after all it is a bipolar cap as you stated), and I feel that the price/performance ratio is excellent.

Mr. Kristian Kjeldsen from Sweden

I started using capacitors JB digging in tube microphone and lamp priampah and have never regretted. Sound without coloration, ESR = 0, price-quality ratio + + + + +.
Applied capacitors JB JFX to rework kondesatornyh microphones Behringer B1, M Audio Nova sound without color natural clean. Tube microphone amplifier (priamp) which I made myself, it sounds just great with the capacitors JB JFX
Mr. Sergey HAM. from Russia

After plenty of burn-in time (that they need to open-up) they deliver a wide and open sound stage. Nice and neutral, but the signature can be a bit upfront and flat. In some cases the “flat” sound can work well, They are also fine when used in parallel woofer sections or as a less critical midrange series capacitor. The price / quality ratio is very good. I can highly recommend this capacitor if you are looking for a nice, but not too expensive MKP.
Mr. Tony Gee from Netherlands

JFX is a very good cap considering its price (for my knowledge probably the best in its price rang). Is very neutral, clean and detailed plus its size is a big bonus for film cap. Too many in one gear would certainly lead to dry, analytical sound but mixing with some more warm cap you can get very good result. All in all, for the asking price is a very very good cap. If it would have a bit more color and convey more emotions it would be a clear winner by a large margin.
Eugen Vrsic from Slovenia Europe

I have been using JFX for my cd player, preamp and cassette deck at the output signal. What i have found that the capacitor needs to rotate direction in order to get the best sound in performance, dynamic, rhythmatic and warm, need to run-in 2 hours to produce the performance. It produces warm sound and details, even it is small in size compared to the expensive Mundorf. I am an audio technician. lots repairing DAC,CD, turntable and amplifiers for customer. I upgrade their product using jb capacitors.
By Abdul Malik Ahmad from Malaysia

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