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jb Capacitors JLX 100VDC – 3% tolerance test review quoted from Tony Gee, to check more test view of jb Audio Capacitors, please check below link: http://www.humblehomemadehifi.com/Cap.html

Technical specifications (according to manufacturer): “JLX – Luxury Aluminum Foil and Film Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors – Axial. Top of the range pure aluminum foil capacitor; High Precise Capacitance ±3%; Very Low Dielectric absorption factor; Very Low Dissipation factor; Very Low ESR; Very Low Inductance; Leads Diameter 1.0 Tinned Copper Wire; Capacitance range 1-10uF; A luxury capacitor designed especially for modern high-end tweeters and mid-range drivers.”

Sound: The physical size and shape of the JB Capacitors JLX is very similar to that of the Jantzen Audio Alumen Z-Cap 100VDC and Cicada Pure Aluminium Foil 100VDC. The JLX has a clear top end, more detailed than that of the Alumen Z-Cap but therefore less smooth. The Alumen’s smoother nature makes it sound more intimate in a direct A-B comparison. Furthemore the Alumen had better depth, imaging and a slightly richer tone. Compared to the Cicada Pure Aluminium Foil the JLX Aluminum Foil and Metallized Polypropylene is far more open and clear, it just sounds less closed-in. If we go to a different breed of capacitors from the Mundorf stables the Supreme Classic sounds less mature than the JLX although it does have a similar amount of clarity in the top end. Vocal with the JLX have more richness making the Supreme Classic sound a little forward, a little more in your face. From Mundorf’s EVO range, the Supreme EVO Oil also lacks a little overview compared to the JLX. But if we go up the Mundorf scale to the Supreme EVO Silver Gold Oil we get far better reverberation information and heaps more low level detail. This makes the Supreme EVO Silver Gold Oil keep the overview in complex orchestral music where the JLX tends to get muddled up. In direct comparison the JLX sounds rather bland. So all in all I found the JLX to be the best capacitor so far from JB Capaitors that I have tried. Maybe not quite at the same level as the higher grade Mundorfs or Jantzen Audio’s aluminium foil Alumen Z-Cap but still a reasonably neutral and very usable capacitor.

Verdict: 11

jb 4.7uF 100V JLX Aluminum Foil and Film Audio Capacitor Cross is a worthy capacitor to replace the capacitors of the speaker crossover, it produces the clear sound of the high range and the smooth midrange.I have not replaced the low-bass part yet so I cannot evaluate. With the same price segment, JLX capacitors have no competitor.

I think that if jb makes silver foil film capacitors with capacities 630V and 100V, it will be very successful and can compete with the capacitors of Europe and America. I am using Jantzen Alumen Z cap capacitors, but I prefer the sound quality of JLX capacitors.


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