Exploring the JKA SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor 3mm by jb Capacitors

In the ever-evolving world of electronics, the need for miniature and efficient components is paramount. The JKA SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor 3mm by jb Capacitors Company Limited stands out as a prime example of such innovation. Designed to meet the demands of modern electronic equipment miniaturization, these capacitors offer a blend of superior performance and compactness. Let’s delve into the features, applications, specifications, and dimensions of this impressive component.

Features of JKA SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor

  1. Ultra-Miniature Size: The JKA series boasts an ultra-miniature size with dimensions of 3.2mm (W) x 4.5mm (L) x 1.5mm (T). This compact size makes it ideal for space-constrained applications.
  2. Color Coded Case: The capacitors feature a color-coded case that allows for easy identification of different capacitance values, enhancing usability and reducing errors during assembly.
  3. High Q and Resonant Frequency: These capacitors are designed to offer very good Q (Quality Factor) and high resonant frequency, ensuring efficient performance in high-frequency applications.
  4. Reflow Soldering Compatibility: The JKA series is designed to withstand reflow soldering temperatures, making them suitable for modern automated PCB assembly processes.
  5. Low Capacitance Drift: One of the standout features is the low capacitance drift after adjustment, ensuring long-term stability of the electronic circuits.
  6. Sealed Construction: The sealed construction prevents the penetration of flux and dust, thereby enhancing the longevity and reliability of the capacitors.

Applications of JKA SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor

The JKA series is particularly suitable for the miniaturization of electronic equipment. Their low capacitance drift and thin, dustproof structure make them perfect for fine adjustments in various applications. These capacitors are commonly used to set initial oscillator frequency values, adjust latencies, and fine-tune rise and fall times in circuits. Repairmen also utilize these trimmer capacitors for recalibrating equipment, owing to their reliable performance and ease of use.

Specifications of JKA SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor

The JKA series is available in various capacitance values, each with specific characteristics and color coding for easy identification. Here are the detailed specifications:

Capacitance (pF Min)1.5 MAX2.0 MAX3.0 MAX5.5 MAX8.0 MAX
Capacitance (pF Max)3.0+50-0%6.0+50-0%10.0+50-0%20.0+50-0%28.5+50-0%
Capacitance Drift (Max)±2%±2%±2%±3%±3%
Temperature Coefficient (ppm/℃)NPO±300NPO±200N600±400N900±400N1300±400
Q Value (at 1 MHz, C max)300 min500 min700 min500 min250 min
DC Working Voltage100 VDC100 VDC100 VDC100 VDC100 VDC
DC Withstanding Voltage220 VDC220 VDC220 VDC220 VDC220 VDC
Insulation Resistance104 MΩ Min104 MΩ Min104 MΩ Min104 MΩ Min104 MΩ Min
Operating Temperature-25℃ to 85℃-25℃ to 85℃-25℃ to 85℃-25℃ to 85℃-25℃ to 85℃
Rotation Torque15 ~ 72 gf.cm15 ~ 72 gf.cm15 ~ 72 gf.cm15 ~ 72 gf.cm15 ~ 72 gf.cm

Dimensions and Construction

The JKA SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors are built with a high-temperature liquid-crystal polymer that offers low dielectric loss and excellent mechanical strength. This construction not only supports their durability but also ensures consistent performance across various operating conditions.


The JKA SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor 3mm by jb Capacitors Company Limited is a testament to the advancements in electronic component miniaturization and performance. With its compact size, reliable performance, and robust construction, it is an excellent choice for a wide range of electronic applications. Whether you are designing new equipment or recalibrating existing devices, the JKA series offers the precision and stability required for optimal performance.

For more information on these capacitors, including detailed parameters and drawings, visit the jb Capacitors Company Limited website or consult their comprehensive datasheets.

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Exploring the JKA SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor 3mm by jb Capacitors

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