JTD Polymer Chip Tantalum Capacitors: Essential Storage and Environmental Guidelines

Welcome to our blog! Today, we delve into the specifics of our high-performance JTD Polymer Chip Tantalum Capacitors. Understanding the key characteristics and proper storage conditions of these capacitors is crucial for ensuring their optimal performance and longevity.

Key Characteristics of JTD Polymer Chip Tantalum Capacitors

Our JTD Polymer Chip Tantalum Capacitors are known for their exceptional reliability and efficiency. These capacitors are designed with advanced technology to meet the demands of modern electronic applications. A notable feature of these capacitors is their Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL), which is rated at level 3. This rating highlights the importance of proper storage and handling to maintain their integrity and performance.

Environmental Requirements

To preserve the quality and functionality of JTD Polymer Chip Tantalum Capacitors, specific environmental conditions must be adhered to:

  • Vacuum Storage: For optimal results, it is recommended to store these capacitors in a vacuum-sealed environment. This method helps to prevent exposure to moisture and other potentially damaging elements.
  • Non-Vacuum Storage: If vacuum storage is not feasible, ensure that the capacitors are stored in an environment with a temperature range of 10~30°C and a humidity level of less than 60% RH. Additionally, the storage area should be free from acidic, alkaline, and other corrosive gases.

Storage Requirements

To prevent moisture absorption and maintain their effectiveness, follow these guidelines after unpacking the vacuum sealing bag:

  • The capacitors should be welded within 48 hours of unpacking. This timeframe is critical to avoid any adverse effects from environmental exposure.

Adhering to these storage and environmental conditions will help guarantee the best performance of our JTD Polymer Chip Tantalum Capacitors.

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