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jb Audio Capacitors Series - JFX, JSX, JPX

jb has the thought to develop Audio capacitors market, so we are launching different Audio capacitors time by time including JLXJGXJMX and so on. But please never forgot the most classic series of JFXJSXJPX. These are the popular Audio series in jb. They are same type, but it has different level, JFX is the basic type, JSX is the middle class, JPX is the best among three. Generally, they are all goods, but you get better sound with JPX for sure.

They are all Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors with Axial type. Below is its feature with simple version. If you want to know more information and the price, please send us RFQ asap.

Series Capacitance Range Voltage Range Remark
JFX 0.047~100uF 250V,400V,630V Premium, Dissipation factor: ≤0.0020 1KHz
JSX 0.1~100uF 250V,400V,630V Superior, Dissipation factor: ≤0.0010 1KHz
JPX 0.1~100uF 250V,400V,630V Supreme, Dissipation factor: ≤0.0005 1KHz



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