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jb the High Class Audio Capacitors - JGX

We have launched Gold Copper Tube and Film for a while. JGX series is not only our high class level among our Audio capacitors but also got competitive price.
Also, we got the fast lead time of 2~5 weeks.

It is Gold Copper Tube and Film Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors and the type is Axial type with precise capacitance tolerance of +/-5%. JGX is designed for audio instruments, especially for Audio amplifiers. Though,if there is higher requirement on tolerance, it is possible to offer.

Below is its specification, need more information, please send an email to us.

Operating temperature -40 ~ +85
Capacitance range 0.047uF ~ 47uF
Capacitance tolerance J(±5%)
Rated voltage 250V,630V.DC
Dissipation factor C0.1uF       ≤0.0015 10KHz
-40 ~ +85
0.047uF ~ 47uF



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