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jb Teach you about How To Discharge A Car Audio Capacitor

Today, we will talk about 4 methods that you could use to discharge your car audio capacitor.

Method #1 – The first option includes taking out the capacitor from the car. Use your test light or resistor to help with this process. Safety goggles should definitely be worn throughout this procedure. Next, test the positive and negative terminals. During this time, the discharge will start to happen. The device may get hot, but when the light goes out on the test light, the capacitor is discharged. When the resistor goes cold, the capacitor is also discharged.

Method #2 – Another way to discharge a capacitor is by taking out the main fuse close to the car battery. This way, the capacitor will now act as the car battery. Turn on some tunes and wait until the amplifiers go out. Then, you will know the capacitor is discharged.

Method #3 – The third way to discharge a capacitor is by removing it from the vehicle, like Method #1. Connect the capacitor to a device that uses 12-volt power. By making a connection between the positive and negative terminals, the capacitor will act as a battery and discharge completely.

Method #4 – This last method involves separating the negative terminal for the battery of your vehicle. Your dome light should come on at this point. When the light goes away, your capacitor will be all discharged. If the light does not go out quickly, you may be receiving power from other batteries.

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