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jb Strong Series Axial MKT & MKP Film Capacitors

Are you looking for Axial type MKT or MKP film capacitors?
jb Capacitors Company produce high quality with competitive price, short lead time with flexible MOQ, Please check below our Axial MKT & MKP Film capacitors, if you are interested in?

We have 4 types, JFGA~JFGD, axial leaded, cycloidal, flat shape, and we also have high end audio capacitors JFX & JSX series, MKP Axial lead.

Widely used in instruments and the DC& AC circuit of the household equipment and the fractional frequency circuit of acoustics systems.
Highend Audio equipments, Crossovers, loudspeaker, amplifiers etc..

please check below our cross guide, compared with below mentioned brands, we offer much more competitive prices, and most important, very flexible quantity and reliable quality. :)

JFGA- Axial MKT film capacitor, cycloidal type Cross to Arcotronics(Kemet) MKT A50, Wima: MKB 6, Vishay: MKT 1813, Epcos: B 32231-2, Iskra: KEU 1012, ICEL: MTR, MWR

JFGB- Axial MKT Film capacitors, Flat shape ICEL: MWF

JFGC- Axial MKP film capacitors, cycloidal shape Cross to Arcotronics(Kemet) : MKP A70, Vishay: MKP 1839, Epcos: B32669, ICEL: MPW

JFGD- Axial MKP film capacitors, Flat Shape Cross to Arcotronics(kemet): KP A72 , Vishay: MKP 1845 ICEL: MPF

JFX&JSX--premium & Superior MKP film capacitors, axial type, high end audio capacitors--Cross to Mundorf, Jantzen Audio, Auricap, SOLEN, SCR , ERSE

Waiting for your contact for more details!



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